Is own branded TV a viable customer engagement tool

Following the huge success of YouTube, companies have found that own-branded TV channels are a great way to boost consumer engagement, reach new audiences and convert website visits into purchases

Pink TV: Looking to replicate the instore Thomas Pink experience online

In 2011, YouTube videos received more than a trillion playbacks, equating to roughly 140 seen for every person on earth. Online video has become mainstream and non-media brands are moving into the space with dedicated channels aimed at creating brand engagement and driving sales.

Marks & Spencer launched M&S TV in 2009, in conjunction with Adjust Your Set. Simon Wood, head of online operations at M&S claims that one in 10 customers viewing the channel click through to the product pages, spending longer on the site and looking at three times as many products as non-viewers.

“Our customers are quite discerning and we know they visit our site in search of inspiration. Through M&S TV, we can provide exactly that,” he says. “By broadcasting compelling content, customers will spend longer browsing and this helps support sales.”

Clothing company Thomas Pink also worked with Adjust Your Set to launch its Pink TV channel in 2009 and 135,000 people have viewed its online video content since then. The aim of the channel was to replicate the in-store experience in an online environment.

“I think the migration [to TV] has come from using very striking, strong images within an ad campaign, then asking ourselves: ‘how do we give it movement and animation?’,” says Nadine Sharara, head of e-commerce at Thomas Pink.

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