“Hiring managers and business leaders are seeking a joined up approach across all aspects of their company’s performance. Recruitment, staff retention, employee & customer engagement with a clear vision, are at the heart… and thats when partnering with Chase One Associates is at its best!” – Gavin Chase.

As founder and business mentor Gavin Chase brings 28 years experience across industry in the proactive identification of key talent for companies determined to attract the best in the market and not just those individuals on the job market at any particular time.

In his early recruitment career, after 10 years in industry, he was fortunate enough to work under the guidance of James Caan and never looked back. Core skills in utilising step by step methodologies & client engagement throughout the hiring process continue to deliver remarkable results compared to the majority of sales orientated recruitment agencies.

Delivering 1000s of placements personally has given him the commercial authority to be accepted as a trusted adviser to many brands locally, nationally and internationally.

10 years consulting experience in online and digital media engagement and business sales strategies, 15 years as a franchisee and 5 years on the side of the franchisor, gives us the edge over many ‘wanna be’ agencies that continue to focus on filling jobs rather than commercial recruitment partnerships.

Chase One Associates understand the complexities of running a business, have helped many entrepreneurs start-up in business and advised 100s of leadership teams in the use of the best recruitment, social media and franchising strategies.

But is goes deeper than that. We can generate the results you are seeking acting as your HR lead, marketing team or sales champions though hands on delivery, or in collaboration with your in-house departmental heads.

We are good at taking all the pieces of a jigsaw, finding the missing ones and working with clients to build amazing outcomes. And remember, the Chase One Associates are truly global and can be called upon no matter how large, small or complex the business challenge.