Angel Investment

As an Entrepreneur, locating Angel Investors &Business Angel investors can be quite a daunting process. After all who do you contact outside of your Friends & Family.

Early-stage companies with no revenues or established companies with sales and earnings can all benefit from seed financing. Companies seeking equity capital from angel investors must welcome the outside ownership and perhaps be willing to relinquish some control. To successfully accommodate angel investors, a company must also be able to provide an “exit” to the investors in the form of an eventual public offering or buyout from a larger firm.

As a business angel Chase One Associates can provide assistance in many ways:

  •  Provide the money you need to set up or grow your business
  •  Take a seat on your board or take an active role in the business
  •  Usually former business owners themselves, so can offer advice
  •  A large network of contacts they can introduce you to
  •  Expand your client base by promoting your business

The methods used by Business Angels to decide which businesses to invest in varies greatly, however, the following issues are all taken into consideration:

  • The expertise and track record of the founders and management;
  • The businesses competitive edge or unique selling point;
  • The characteristics and growth potential of the market;
  • Compatibility between the management, business proposal and the business angel’s skills and investment preferences;
  • The financial commitment of the entrepreneur.

We believe the the strength of any economy is firmly routed in an individual’s and a small company’s willingness and desire to grow. With the right support (and its just not money), mentoring and access to extensive networks of experienced professionals who are willing to help, a fledgling company can rise to heights they can only dream of, but always aspire to!

Interested? All it takes is a phone call to Chase One Associates and we will give you a quick indication as to whether your idea or plans for growth is something we are best suited to take a closer look at. Why not call today?